The Most Powerful Way To Inspire Your Stakeholders

Provide yourself with a new dimension to your company. A story that will elevate your reputation and your success.

Meet the Yes We Care License

Share your story and inspire stakeholders

A staggering 94% of consumers expect companies to do more than just making a profit. They expect them to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. However, most companies lack time to address this effectively, and thereby reduce the effect of their good activities. 

  • With the insights you receive, you can set up excellent communication.We will give you direction so you know exactly what to communicate for maximum results.


  • We provide you with a fact sheet, ready for publication where ever you choose.You can use it to motivate your employees. You can add it to your financial statements. 


  • You can communicate it publicly and inspire your stakeholders and customers with what you do for society. If you want us to, we will tell the story for you.

Leverage the power of good business

If you’re like 99% of business owners or managers, you don’t have the time to set up a detailed structure for your philanthropic activities. What you want is to do good because you like to do so, because you feel it’s the right thing to do, or because you know it enhances your business. At Yes We Care, we understand this. That’s why we have designed an easy and effective system to:

  • Prioritize and focus your business activities in the areas that will create the biggest impact.
  • Understand which good activities are most effective for your business and how to control them.
  • Implement strategies to create a bigger impact with the same amount of time and energy.
  • Link your core business activities to your philanthropic strategy.
  • Improve your businesses perceived value.
  • Identify the value of the specific actions your business undertakes.

Beautiful stories by themselves say nothing

Concrete results are measurable. Yes We Care is the international proof that you’ve done a good thing. By having a license, your company proves it is actively engaged in the community. With a Yes We Care license you get:

  • Transparency in what your business actually does in terms of social involvement.


  • Your social activities translated into concrete values to nourish your company’s policy.


  • Potential clients may consider the presence of the Yes We Care label in assigning their business.

Make sure you are easily found in the online database of companies doing well

Did you know that 90 % of people switch to another company if, given the same price and quality, that company is more socially engaged? Through an online map, we clearly show consumers which companies hold the certificate of doing good – the Yes We Care license . This enables consumers and businesses to look at which companies are socially involved and it means you get an advantage on your competitors.

  • The website has over 10.000 monthly visitors.


  • Because many businesses and consumers weigh in heavily on social commitment when doing business we have organized the good businesses in our public online database.


  • External users can search by category, distance, name and other factors. This means that your company, as a good corporate citizen, will quickly be found by potential clients.

Connect with an exclusive network

Yes We Care gives you the tools and services you need to meet personal philanthropy goals in your business and connect with a professional community so you can share knowledge and build new relationships. The Yes We Care license is exclusive. Only businesses who are actively doing good can get a license. 


  • All Yes We Care license holders receive a special online feature to instantly connect with each other.


  • We’ll personally put you in touch with other good businesses to build relationships with the “Share a Coffee’ button.


  • Building an effective network has never been easier!
Yes We Care network

The industry is changing and our licensees are the leading example.

Social involvement is becoming increasingly important. We let the world see which companies lead by example.

  • On our website, we give full attention to the practices of the licensees.


  • In each edition of the licensees newsletter, we feature a different company as inspiration for corporate social responsibility.


  • In each edition of the newsletter to the general public, we also pay attention to a best practice of our licensees.
Yes we care - share story

Inspire others with your story. We will tell the story for you!

Stories from our licensees will not only be shared on social media, but we also share them regularly in our newsletters and on our website.

  • On our website, there is a special subcategory ‘inspired by our partners’, where we post stories of our licensees and share them in the newsletter and on social media.


  • In addition, we invite our partners to speak regularly at seminars or workshops about their community involvement.