We Know Where To Focus So You Can Optimize Your business's Impact

Measuring and monitoring the impact of your business is essential to its long-term health. We know which ratios and calculations are most vital to the understanding of your businesses impact. We place focus on the areas that will provide you with direct insights.

Meet the Yes We Care License

Do you know exactly what you are doing and what it brings you?

Understanding results gives structure to your social activities. With the Yes We Care license you get:

  • A baseline measurement so you can see exactly what the results of your social activities are.


  • Understanding how you, with the same time and energy, can gain more value from your social activities.


  • Annual measurements to track your progress and ROI.

When you know better, you can do better

Yes We Care allows you to know where to focus to get maximum, immediate impact so you can optimize your businesses impact total value while keeping your focus on your main areas of business. We calculate and prioritize the biggest impact generators and we will show you specifically how you can get better results. Now, you can see how your business is actually creating impact and you can share these insights with everyone you want.


  • We map out your current activities and give you clear insight into your results. We provide you with a summary and a big picture overview of your doing good activities, along with their revenues and impact.


  • You can easily view trends on a short or long-term basis. We provide you with instant insights per month, trailing them annually. You can even choose to see your information analyzed and displayed per activity your business does, per charity you support, or per impact you are realizing. 

What added value does your business have for society?

With our impact measurement, you can convert your corporate social involvement in a measurable value that you can share with everyone in your company. It will be crystal clear to everyone what your business is giving society. With a license you get:

  • A factsheet with all your social activities translated into concrete, measurable values.


  • An overview of your critical success factors to achieve more out of your social activities, even with the same energy and time.


  • This so-called impact statement is usable in your reports, both internally and externally, to communicate your social engagement clearly.
impact-statement, yes-we-care

Track the progression in your results

The impact statement contains a trend analysis, so you can compare your annual measurements to follow the progression.

  • Understand which activities are most effective for your business in the long run.


  • Prioritize and focus your social activities on the areas where you can make the most impact.


  • Increase the value that your business adds for society.

Connect with an exclusive network

Yes We Care gives you the tools and services you need to meet personal philanthropy goals in your business and connect with a professional community so you can share knowledge and build new relationships. The Yes We Care license is exclusive. Only businesses who are actively doing good can get a license. 


  • All Yes We Care license holders receive a special online feature to instantly connect with each other.


  • We’ll personally put you in touch with other good businesses to build relationships with the “Share a Coffee’ button.


  • Building an effective network has never been easier!

Tools and expertise for a bigger impact

With the exclusive Yes We Care license, you get practical tools and expertise to integrate doing good in your business while keeping your focus on your core business goals.


  • Stay up-to-date with our continued expertise and practical knowledge about doing good and our feasible ‘do good’ strategies.


  • We provide you with knowledge and tips which will significantly enhance the impact of the good that you do.


  • Our expertise covers a broad range of philanthropic topics such as strategies, KPI’s, regulatory issues, education, and many others.